Bespoke Sunflower Embroideries

Tournesol, Sunflower. The national flower of Ukraine. These days sunflowers don’t only remind me of my long indian summers in France. They came to be emblematic for the horrible, senseless war that the Russian leaders recently unleashed. They make me think of the poignant newsreal where a Ukrainian woman, as a symbol of what is to be, gave some Russian soldiers a handful of sunflower seeds. In this case the invaders will be pushing up sunflowers instead of the proverbial daisies. The lamentable ongoings in Ukraine are reflected in the dwindling yellow petals that inevitably will perish.

These embroidered sunflower fragments are based on earlier work by designer Peter George d’Angelino Tap for his Chansons Grises project; embroidered porcelain plates that were presented in his exhibition in Mesdag Museum The Hague. These particular bespoke embroideries will be turned into cushions.  Ricoma embroidery machine and Wilcom embroidery software. Yarn on wool.