Chansons Grises

Peter George d’Angelino Tap in three museums in The Hague and the Atrium

Choose seven paintings from the grayed Mesdag and seven from the colorful Van Gogh, take the shapes of seven drawings from Carel de Nerée to Babberich that captured the fashion of the Belle Epoque, and be inspired by a haute couture collection of 21 dresses.
That is what designer Peter George d’Angelino Tap did for the exhibition in the Panorama Mesdag. The title of this exhibition is Chansons Grises after a series of songs from this time by Reynaldo Hahn on texts by Paul Verlaine.

Various cultural institutions in The Hague commemorate the 100th death anniversary of Hendrik Willem Mesdag and the 125th death anniversary of Vincent van Gogh. This collaboration takes place in the context of the Mesdag year.

In the Couperus Museum , work by Peter George d’Angelino Tap can be seen under the title Poèmes Pourpres, with the poems of Couperus and Verlaine embroidered on chairs. When you sit in such a chair, you hear the music and you read a poem.

Museum The Mesdag collection shows the Mesdag and Van Gogh service that Peter George designed.

In the Atrium of the town hall on October 10 was the presentation of the Chansons Grises in which models showed the 21 creations that could subsequently be seen in Panorama Mesdag.

The three exhibitions in the museums all opened on October 17, 2015. The presentation was in the Atrium on October 10, 2015.