Mantel der Liefde

In the Atrium there was the exhibition De Mantel der Liefde from Monday 8 April 2013 up to and including Thursday 23 May 2013. The Common & Old Queens were on guard until the King’s mantle arrived in the Atrium on Monday, April 22. The 8 meter long King’s Coat was designed by “fashion designer” Peter George d “Angelino Tap and can only be seen in The Hague. Banners, regalia and photographic artworks.

In addition to the Common Queens / Old Queens project, the exhibition consists of the following components: The King’s Mantle is framed by 8 banners by the graphic artist and painter Marianne Kaars Sijpestein-Bos.

The regalia, objects that belong to the coronation ritual, were designed by Peter George and made by ceramicist Susan Keene.

8 Photographic artworks are displayed by photographer René Lauffer. The Mantel der Liefde is supported by people from different cultures in the Netherlands.