Sartorial Statues

Saturday, September 1, 2012 was the third edition of Museum Night The Hague!

Seasoners of The Hague

Works inspired by artist Isaac IsraĂ«ls could be admired in the Atrium. His technique, the use of only a pencil, chalk or brushstrokes and the use of fashionable women in his works inspired ‘fashion’ designer Peter George d’Angelino Tap.

The presentation of the 4 outfits were shown divided into four parts against photo compositions of Rene Lauffer. These compositions that will form the background of the performance as backdrops, partly as photographs, and partly transparent, make the whole a tableau vivant.

The artists chose Het Vondelpark in Amsterdam, Les jardins des Tuillerie in Paris, Kewgardens in London and Lange-Voorhout in The Hague for the tableaus. At the tableaus, the posterior canvas always serves as a reference to a building in or near the park so that the viewer immediately gets the association with the city.

Put on headphones and let singer-narrator Ronnie Sober take you on an imaginary journey walking past the designs. The music you hear has been arranged by Rob Daenen.

The Atrium is located in the City Hall of The Hague:
Spui 70 2511BT
Den Haag

The majority of his life until his death in 1934, Israelis lived and worked in The Hague. He was one of the most important Dutch painters in the Amsterdam Impressionists group. In addition to his painting, he was a draftsman and watercolorist and he made pastels and etchings.

The techniques that IsraĂ«ls used, as well as the frequently recurring theme of the fashionable woman in his work and the way in which IsraĂ«ls managed to perpetuate these subjects with just a few pencils or strokes of paint inspired ‘fashion’ designer Peter George d’Angelino Tap to create a small collection of items of clothing based on common subjects as well as the technique that the painter used for these works.

Recent works by Peter George d’Angelino Tap.
Extracted from ephemeris by photographer René Lauffer.

In the Voorhout- Gallery of Pulchri Studio’s in The Hague Peter George d’Angelino Tap will show two small series of new work.

The first series has been inspired by the work of painter Isaac Israels and was conceived in collaboration with photographer RenĂ© Lauffer. This series has previously been exposed during a performance on occasion of the “Museum Nacht” at the Atrium of Town hall in The Hague.

The second series concerns three entirely new pieces. d’Angelino Tap makes ‘sartorial statues’; haute couture garments that in their originality and monumental value, evolve into autonomous imagery.

In the photographic work and fashion photography by René Lauffer these images provoke a dialogue with the imaginary environment in which they are placed. The combination of the image and the imagination of the designer and the photographer gives the spectator space to interpreted the work as either fashion or art. It thus highlights the brevity of the dress culture as concretising façade with the eternal value of art.

Opening on Saturday, January 26.

Voorhout Gallery, January 26 – February 13 2013